HVAC System Replacement Service in York, PA

Our industrial and commercial system replacement services meet your requirements every step of the way. The CET professional team assesses your building's unique needs and installs HVAC equipment designed to exceed even most stringent compliance requirements. Because all CET systems are scalable, your HVAC system is installed to grow with your business. The right system allows you to increase employee retention, be environmentally compliant, and experience a marked long term return on investment in energy dollars. For over 35 years, CET has worked with a multitude of U.S. companies. Our turnkey service, 24 hour emergency service, and professional team make us the industrial and commercial preferred choice. Minimize installation costs and reduce maintenance concerns - contact CET for a system replacement quote today.

Air Conditioning & Heating System Contractor

To optimize the bottom line value of our clients' HVAC systems, CET invests in training, education, tools, equipment and facilities to empower our staff to continuously improve enabling them to effectively complete the job on time and on budget.
Man fixing the air conditioner — hvac system in York, PA

Our Replacement Specialties

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Computer Room HVAC
  • Boilers

Additional Services We Provide

  • Retrofitting
  • Design and Build Services
  • Total Building Controls Systems Installation
Reach us at 800-315-4596 to discuss your project and get a quote.