Green Filtration for a Healthier Environment

Did you know poor commercial building air filtration is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, 65% of electricity consumption and 36% of total energy use? The resistance of an air filter is directly related to the amount of energy consumed by an HVAC system. Decreasing your building's energy use through efficient filtration decreases CO2 emissions and lowers your energy costs year after year. There was a time when cheaper filtration components would save building managers money.

Save Money with a Quality Air Filtration System

Today, the reverse is true and it is high quality, green building filtration that saves energy dollars. Your HVAC air filtration impacts your building's environmental friendliness. In addition, green filtration minimizes absenteeism, decreases energy consumption, and lowers operating costs. CET enables facility managers to influence their building's environmental impact for the better. The results: increased productivity, lowered greenhouse gas emissions, and increased bottom line profit. CET's professional team are IAQ and LEED experts.
Construction worker fixing the air system — hvac system in York, PA

IQA Remediation & Testing for Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Find out if you should recommission and schedule CET to visit your building today. First, we inspect your equipment. Next, using our diagnostic technology, we determine your short and longterm savings if you choose to recommission. We also let you know if you're eligible for utility rebates. Many CET customers have been able to reduce their energy consumption, upgrade their equipment, and experience the benefit of a utility rebate.
Increase Your Air Quality
After CET performs a thorough inspection we identify the source of your building's IAQ deficiency and correct it. Contact CET today for an IAQ investigation - Increase your bottom line when you provide indoor air quality that promotes productivity, good health and comfort.