Energy Efficient System for Your Building

At every level and with every CET service we're driven to save energy, increase comfort, and reduce your carbon footprint. Conscientious energy use benefits every commercial and industrial building and the brand associated with it. The result is improved public relations, increased customer comfort, and lower energy expenses. Whether you need a holistic environmental controls system for your building or want to retrofit an older piece of equipment, CET strategically plans and implements energy conscious HVAC options designed to exceed even the strictest standards. CET knows efficiency at every level of your building operations is key to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Diagnostic Testing and Energy Savings

CET offers the latest in diagnostic testing for instant feedback about your HVAC rooftop unit. Want to know if recommissioning should be your next step? A CET diagnostic test will determine projected savings if you decide to recommission. First, we inspect your equipment. Next, using our diagnostic technology, we determine your short and longterm savings if you choose to recommission. We also let you know if you're eligible for utility rebates. With CET diagnostic testing, you don't have to guess if recommissioning is the right move for your equipment.
Energy saving — hvac system in York, PA


The fact is, many big box stores currently leave a huge carbon footprint due to excessive energy use. This is why many utility companies give rebates to those who recommission. Recommissioning is the first step toward sustainability, bringing HVAC units back to optimum operating levels. Find out if you should recommission and schedule CET to visit your building today. Many CET customers have been able to reduce their energy consumption, upgrade their equipment, and experience the benefit of a utility rebate.

Recommissioned HVAC units:

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Use Less Energy
  • Require Fewer Service Calls
  • Experience Longer Equipment Life
  • Provide Increased Building Comfort
  • Generate Positive Customer Perceptions